Our Recipe For Moose Milk

My good friend Don introduced us to the Moose Milk drink at moose camp a number of years ago, and although he has since moved to the other side of Canada we find ourselves having a toast to Don every year.

This dark navy rum drink, for us anyway, is usually consumed as a night-cap and if we prepare it the way Don showed us... Let's just say it is, well... Good-Night!

When consuming alcoholic beverages remember that firearms and alcohol should never be mixed... drink responsibly. Also, never drink and drive.

Don's Moose Milk Recipe

  • Condensed Milk (the sweet stuff used for icing)
  • Over-proof Dark Navy Rum (150 proof)
  • Boiling Water


In an 8 ounce glass or cup of your choice put a heaping tablespoon of condensed milk. Add to this 50ml or 1 ½ ounces dark navy rum top with 4-6 ounces of boiling water. Stir well.

Note on preparation: Don always felt it was a good idea to leave the spoon in the cup when you added the water. His reasoning was the spoon would take some of the shock from the water and prevent the cup from breaking. (Remember we are at moose camp, it is cold outside.)

Last year at moose camp we set up the video camera and recorded a toast to Don. We wanted to let him know we were thinking of him... we posted on it YouTube!

Repeat as necessary!

Good Night!

For us, my hunting partners and I, having this drink every year at moose camp is just a good way to honour our friend, we miss him at moose camp as well as our annual forays when we hit the local rivers for sockeye salmon. Maybe one day he will be able to join us again, but in the meantime; Cheers Don... this one's for you.

This year (2012) saw us lose another member of our moose hunting party. It seems as though it were just yesterday when there were seven of us going as a group. Life has ways of separating good friends, circumstances that we cannot always control.

It looks as though next year I am on my own. I'll be looking to partner up with some new friends to hunt with... surely though the old friendships and memories will never die.

I'll be missing all you guys at camp next year, but you can bet I'll be having one for you! Cheers!

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