Do We Have a "Favourite" Locavore Moose Recipe?

On any given day, any moose recipe would be our favourite. What I mean is that it really depends on the day... what your craving is for! I probably eat too much meat, but whatever... I like meat and moose is my favorite.

Moose Roast with Thyme

Shown: a moose roast with locally grown thyme (my wife’s herb garden) set into the slow cooker. We added some homemade red wine, set the cooker for six hours on high. We returned later to find the house encapsulated with the wonderful aroma of the meat cooking.

Have you heard the term locavore?

According to Wikipedia the locavore movement is a movement in the United States and elsewhere that spawned as interest in sustainability and eco-consciousness become more prevalent. The food may be grown in home gardens or grown by local commercial groups interested in keeping the environment as clean as possible and selling food close to where it is grown. Some people consider food grown within a 100-mile radius of their location local, while others have other definitions. Source:Wikipedia

CBC Radio one recently aired a documentary entitled The Urban Hunter. The journalist Jen Moss accompanied a “Locavore” hunter on a successful trip. She describes in detail the events of the day.

Do moose fall into this category? You bet?

Depending on where you live moose can also fall into the 100 mile diet or the local food system. This is a model which re-introduces the consumer to the producer. Shopping at your local farmers market is a splendid way to endorse the movement. Do cook your moose recipe using goods and produce purchased from your local producers.

Hunt and shop local (when you can), doing so greatly influences our ecological footprint. Shop local, purchasing your goods and services from those nearest you, will by and large help your local economies.

I realize that those of us who live in or near large urban centers, hunting local for moose is not always an option, but if we do what we can, we will collectively make a difference. If you are unable to hunt moose locally you should try and use your local retailers to acquire your hunting gear and do support your farmer markets for ingredients for your recipes.

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