My Dream Buck

by Wanda Chadbourne

My biggest buck ever:-)

My biggest buck ever:-)

I shot this 8 point buck with a Thompson Center 50 cal. on December 6,2003,weighing in at 202 lbs. allowing me to finally make the Maine Big Bucks Club for being over 200 pounds!
It was snowing and I didn't think I'd see anything that day. I went out in the morning with my daughters ex-boyfriend Troy but we were unsuccessful then. We dogged a lot of thick stuff but it was cold and I had to pick my other daughter up from work so we left to go get her. We then stopped to see my husband, John at his work and was talking to him, when Troy said, we had better get the last part of the day in. We no sooner got into the woods, nearer to my house when I saw a deer's body in the firs. I thought it was a doe at first and told Troy… “OMG, look at that big doe”. He took my binoculars, looked and said, that is no doe; that is a huge buck Wanda!
I got ready to shoot as it started to move, getting my muzzleloader up and ready. As soon as he was in the crosshairs, I shot. Bang! All I saw was smoke and off he took! I was very disappointed thinking I had missed him but Troy said he saw him hump up and said “I think you hit him good”, so we took off to where he was and started to follow his tracks. No, I thought, I did miss him. Troy and I split up. I found his last track and then nothing, he disappeared! I then decided to push through the thickest part and bingo; there on the other side was his tracks with blood. I yelled to Troy and said we had better go get the flashlights from the truck as it was getting dark. We went to where I found his track last and split from there. I found him though and no, he hadn't gone too far from that last few steps at all, fell down and slid under a huge fallen tree. I was jumping up and down when I saw the rack on him!! I screamed to Troy and he came running, then we each grabbed a horn and thank god it was snowing as it made for easy dragging.
We brought the deer to my house and then I called hubby to say I had gotten a big one. He was like, yea right! I said, you'll see. It was in the back of the truck when he drove in. It was nice to make the books finally after over 20 years of hunting. I can't say I haven't seen deer or gotten any deer cuz I have seen my plenty every year during the season and this past year I waited for the big guy and I got him:-)

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Moose from '98
by: Mark - Site Owner

I'm glad you "found" my comment! It always amazes me when I find emails that I hadn't read... sometimes you have to say... oops! lol

We are running a new contest right now through April 30, 2012. Enter your moose hunting story (any story) for a chance to win.

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I look forward to reading your submission.


Moose ~yes:-)
by: Wanda

Hi Mark..I happened to be going through my email program and found my submission from ohh so long ago,lol and never saw your comment till now.Yes I have hunted moose and have had alot of fun! Got picked myself back in 98:-)Hubby has been picked twice and friends have been picked also,so we haven't lacked for sure!

Dreams can Come True - Monster Deer
by: Mark - Site Owner

What an awesome hunting story. I can understand your feelings when you thought you missed. You got yourself a great deer in the end. You are, and should be proud of that monster whitetail deer, I know I would be if I were to ever be fortunate enough to harvest a big body deer like that. Congratulations, even though a few years have passed, a pat on the back is in order.

Thank you for your entry into our first contest. Good luck!

PS: Have you ever hunted moose?

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