PreSeason Moose Calling

I was asked what my take on preseason moose calling was.

Should I call moose the night before open season or on the morning of opening day?

Great question, the answer is simple... sort of.

First let me tell you a little about how I deal with the day(s) before opening morning.

I usually try to get to my moose hunting area at least 4-5 days before the opener.


Watch for fresh sign such as this rub, this is just one more thing to add to your preseason calling.

This well worn moose trail cuts through a frosty meadow.

A few reasons:

  1. I want to get my camp completely set up and organized well in advance of opening day. This includes getting enough firewood to last me my entire time at moose camp which is usually about 12-16 days. I don't want to take time away from my hunting focus.
  2. I want to do some pre-season scouting and that includes some calling too. As an example last year I called a nice immature bull into about 20 yards a couple of days before the season opened. Moose in the area... yup! The next day I was in another spot I like to frequent and called in a decent bull. I had just enough time to capture him on film
  3. I check out all the spots I know and research some new ones too. I know my hunting area very well, I study it before the season using maps and Google Earth.
  4. I look for fresh tracks, beds, droppings, rubs, wallows, trails and even saliva.

Did You Say Saliva?

I sure did. Watch the tips of willows and the young pine trees where branches have been nibbled off. If you find moose saliva, YOU KNOW there are moose in the area and they have been there recently.

To answer your question exactly... Should you moose call the night before opening morning?

Preseason moose calling becomes a personal choice.

What do you do if a bull answers and comes directly in to your beckoning calls? You can't shoot him! But now you know he's there.

What do you do if you don't get a response the night before opening? Does that mean there aren't any moose there? Nope, it doesn't mean that at all.

It means one or more of the following:

There weren't any bull moose that could hear you.

The bull was coming in quietly.

The bull was with a cow already and won't leave her (he will remember hearing you and will return after he breeds his cow, in 2-3 days time).

There is a bull that heard you, but he's coming from a long way off.

So the question still goes unanswered... Should you moose call the night before opening morning?

I do!

By the time opening morning rolls around I know exactly where I'll be, I'll be there before it gets light. Was I there the night before opening morning doing some preseason moose calling, a resounding YES!

What if while was calling, a bull heard me and at that time chose to stay where he was? Then the next morning when I started my calling sequence I was finally able to woo him with my ever so enticing and sexy cow moose calling.

Uh!      Uh!    Oh the sweet sound of bull moose that carries through the forest. Gets the adrenalin flowing!

Preseason moose calling is just another tool that a moose hunter has at his availability. Of course none of this is foolproof, calling moose is not an exact science.

One thing I know for sure... if you don't call, they won't answer and you are missing out on some very exciting moose hunting!

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