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Long before I signed up with Site Build It, I was looking for an alternative way to gain independence from the "JOB". I wanted to start a business that I could have online, one where I could develop multiple streams of income, one where I could make some money.

This flight by float plane into a remote Yukon Lake...
Paid for with the money I earned on this website.

I had a passion and I wondered if there was some way to develop a presence on the web.

I started doing some research and looked at the many ways a person could get started having a website. I could go to school and learn HTML coding and how CSS works, but that seemed to techy for what I had in mind. I was hoping for a set of tools, a platform, a support system and a way of learning to create my own business.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate that is paid for writing a review. I am writing this to support Site Built It (now as Solo Build It) and as a warning to those who are finding fake reviews (there are many!).

Could I find such a thing?

I found lots of rabbit holes to travel and ultimately I found and settled on SBI! Why Site Build It you ask? At the time, the "Action Guide" was public so I was able to read about each step that was necessary to develop an online business... and boy are there a lot.

Creating a successful website is achievable, but a lot of work is what I read.

I've had a couple of brick-and-mortor businesses, so I am very familiar with hard work and the time commitment... Well, I was prepared to put in the time and effort so I bit the bullet and signed up.

I started by reading all I could about Site Build It and the process involved. So much reading, and so many articles! Wow! At first I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

At first, I didn't know what to write, or how to write. The process was, well, intimidating to say the least! Pick a keyword, use the brainstormer tool, find potential site concepts, prioritize content keywords, and write content that people want to read.

Drill down, narrow the focus, start again... in the end however, All-About-Moose was born.

Website visitors, just how many people are we talking here? If you are lucky to find something that the multitudes want and there aren't a zillion offerings already, it will be easier for you.

But easy isn't in the cards! There is no get-rich-quick in this system, nor is it implied. Find a narrow niche (but not too narrow) and build it out. Write-it, they will come.

What does Site Build It have to offer?

They have a learning guide (which is so important to follow!), they have ebooks, they have a very active forum, they have analytic tools, they have success stories, they have... well... everything that I (or you) needed to get started.

And how has Site Build It been for me?

My niche is very narrow, yet, using SBI I have brought my website to the top ranking for many of my webpages.
The support team at SBI is outstanding! I kid you not! I'm sure I have asked for help on some very silly things, but I always get prompt, courteous and spot-on answers to my inquiries.

So how have I done money wise?

Well, I am still working at my day job, but to me that is OK. Once I retire from my day job I will spend more time to develop my products and market coverage. I know my passion (Moose) is a narrow niche so I am not going to get 100's of thousands of visitors per day, so it’s unlikely I am going to get-rich from my website. I do get over 1000 unique visitors a day now (beginning my 8th year), so I very happy with the traffic I get.

I DO make money from my website. I make some money from Google Adsense (I made my first income using it), and I also generate some funds from products I have developed, my eBook, fiberglass moose calls and trailer plans to name a few. I make enough money from the website that we don't use any household income for any of our outdoor activities or toys. And some of those toys are not cheap! Off-road vehicles and an ocean going boat are just a few things that I have acquired using funds directly attributable to the website.

Would I recommend Site Build It?

You Bet! Should you get a SBI website? That depends?

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick way to make money, then SBI is not for you. I have spent countless hours writing webpages and researching and doing more writing and rewriting. It is a lot of work.

There are lots of success stories at Site Build It, check out how others have done, don't just take my word for it.

Do you have a passion? Intimate knowledge of a subject, one that you can monetize? Do you strive for independence? How would you like to be your own boss?

The Site Build It or Solo Build It as it is now know can help you achieve you goals. Of course, no-one is going to do it for you, the effort will be required. The time will have to be put in.

Can you do it? Only YOU know.

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