ATV Trailer Swivel Hitch

Installing a swivel hitch between your trailer and your machine can prevent damage to your trailer and your towing machine.

It doesn't matter if you tow a short trailer or a long one, a high trailer or a low trailer or one with or without a walking beam suspension. If you travel on rough terrain eventually you will be faced with a roll over.

ATV Trailer Swivel HitchATV Trailer Swivel Hitch

A trailer rolling onto it side is bad enough, but when your trailer is securely fastened to your machine, it can cause your machine to roll over as well. Even if that doesn't happen, a flipped ATV trailer can cause a lot of damage and or personal injury.

Put a swivel in between your machine and your trailer and you'll help prevent that damage.

Build Your Own Swivel Hitch

It's easy to build yourself!

We are offering plans to build a simple yet very effective swivel hitch for your trailer. Materials are easy to source and the swivel is easy to build.

Our plans are designed with the DIY home builder in mind, although even a seasoned pro would find them great to utilize and build from.

The PDF consists of seven pages including a BOM (bill of materials), exploded views, detailed views and dimensions of each part required and a photo showing the final assembly.

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If you've seen our ATV trailer plans you will know that the plans are easy to follow. Check out the ATV Trailer plan page for more details on building your own tub trailer with a walking beam suspension.

How the Swivel Hitch Works

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