That was awesome to hear!

by Woodsman
(Prince George B.C)

Twenty some odd years ago my hunting partner and I were camped near the Iskut river about 70 miles south of Dease Lake.

We knew there was a wolf pack in the area because we had heard them off and on for several days.

One evening we shot a young bull about 150 yards from camp near last light. It was dense nasty timber. It seemed simpler to just gut him to cool out and then dice him up and bring him back to camp in the morning when we could see.

A hunting guide friend had told us once that if you pee around the carcass that wolves won't cross the imaginary boundry. It took several beers but we peed our brains out and hoped for the best.

About three in the morning we were asleep in the camper and were woken up by the wolf pack howling and snarling right where our moose was.

This went on for almost an hour. It was probably the coolest thing I will ever hear.

Definitely brings up the hair on the back of your neck!

We were expecting to see carnage when we went to look in the morning but the peeing trick worked. The gut pile was gone but it had been outside of the "ring of pee" The rest of the moose was untouched.

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