Recommended Tire Repair Kit

An ATV is a great way to get around, provided you don't get a flat tire!

Many a hunter or ATV enthusiast has been caught without a tire repair kit along. Do not become an statistic; be sure you carry SOMETHING along on your ride to repair your own flat tire.

Why carry a repair kit?

Many times when we venture afield, it is easy to forget just how vulnerable we can be. I can relate to this from personal experience.

A number of years ago I was ATVing along a mountain ridge when I noticed that my bike was feeling a little lumpy while riding. I dismounted and investigated... only to find my rear tire flat.

Now What?

I hadn't the foresight to carry a tire repair kit in those days... what for, it won't happen to me!

Let me tell you that I had lots of time to think about my lack of a tire repair kit while I walked the several miles back to camp to get help.

Needless to say I carry one now... and the one I carry and recommend is Liquid Slime.

The Slime tire repair is a product that can save the day. The following video from demonstrates exactly how to use the product and how well it works. The author shows an ATV tire with a large cut that needs repairing.

The tire has soapy water applied to identify the leak. The ATV is first elevated (on blocks or with a jack) so the weight is removed from the tire. The air is drained and after an easy calculation to determine how much Slime tire repair is needed, the tire is then filled with the required amount.

After injecting the tire with Slime, the tire is re-inflated to the correct tire pressure, a short ride to make sure the inside of the tire is coated and voila... the ATV tire has been repaired.

Now that you have watched the tire repair video you understand how well the product works. Can you imagine being out 10, 20 maybe 30 miles and getting a flat? Then what?

It is up to you to be prepared when you venture out into the wilderness. This ATV tire repair kit is another one of those must haves to be added to your moose hunting supplies.

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