Trail Camera for Moose

by Carl

Moose in the late season

Moose in the late season

My buddy is going up bear hunting before the archery moose hunt starts.

He agreed to take up several trail cameras and set them up and leave them for two weeks.

Are there any suggestions of how and where he best locate them?

How high off the ground, will bears maul them, should he scent the area with scent to attract moose? What kind of scent?

The time of the year will be about Sept4th.

P.S. I like your web site too.

Thanks for the inquiry Carl.
You ask a several very good questions:

  1. Where to place cameras for early season moose hunting?

  2. I am assuming you are hunting bull moose, right? If so then the best place to find the bulls during early season scouting should be in the high country.
    Seasonal ranges do exist among certain moose populations, the trick is to find these core areas.
    Your buddy will have to do some looking, but if he can find an area where bulls are currently rubbing to shed their velvet then set the trail camera on a well used game trail near-by.
    Bull moose do not travel as much during other season as much as the rut. so if you can find the home range... well that is the place to be.

  3. How to set the cameras?

  4. I would consider a couple different set-ups. First and foremost make sure your cameras won't be discovered by other people. More trail cameras go missing every fall than you can shake-a-stick-at!
    Try setting at least one camera up high and angle it down. You'll get a different perspective that way.
    Use your trail cameras to gather information. Trail cam picture can tell you a lot about the animals that frequent your chosen area. Too many visits by wolves is not a good sign.

  5. Will bears eat the trail cameras?

  6. To avoid damage from bears, make sure your cameras are de-scented. Any human or food smells on a camera will attract the curious bear... and you know the end result. This is another reason to place your trail cameras for moose hunting up higher. A good camera brand to use is the Spypoint Trail Camera

    All the best
    "The Moose Man"

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