Tree Stand Hunting for Moose

Some think that tree stand hunting for moose is not an effective moose hunting technique. Using a tree stand CAN actually be a very effective tool.

Setting up a tree stand in moose country shouldn't be that difficult (unless you hunt the Tundra) because you are often hunting in areas of poplar trees. Poplars grow tall and straight with few branches and serve as ideal candidates for hanging a tree stand.

Even where poplar trees don't grow, there are plenty of other tree types to set up tree stands on. I like to find a tree at least 18 to 24 inches in diameter to set up my stands on. That way the trees are usually still very thick where your stand hangs and will minimize the amount of tree sway.

What are the advantages to tree stand hunting for moose?

If you already use a treestand to hunt deer you understand the results that can be achieved. For those who have never used or are considering using a treestand for hunting moose, lets look at some perks.

Double Tree Stands for Moose Hunting


Hunting at eye level with North America's largest land animal can be un-nerving for some. Especially if you are calling moose. Get up in a tree, away from the possibility of being charged.

Safety point #2:

If you hunt moose in areas where there are grizzly or brown bears, the safety aspect of hunting from a tree stand is a much better place to be than being on the ground and being surprised by a bruin. Be sure to have your bear spray with you regardless (and know how to use it).

Tree stand moose hunting - Moose Evaluation


Having your quarry walk under your tree stand gives the hunter the ability to evaluate the animal. If you are searching for a trophy or are hunting in areas with antler restrictions having to opportunity to evaluate the animal and or it's antlers is invaluable.

Vantage Point:

Putting a hunter high up in a tree stand (15-20 feet) gives a birds eye view of what is going on around her. If she hunts marsh and willow swamps, thick forest with heavy forage or areas where visibility is restricted because of riparian growth, putting up a tree stand just might make sense to her.

Moose Treestand Hunting Vantage Point


Want more time to get footage of moose? Hunting from a treestand can help you out. Moose may come in to your beckoning calls and may linger long enough to get some great pictures. Set up two tree stands near each other and you have the opportunity to film your partner... how cool is that?

We use and recommend Gorilla Treestands for our hunting purposes. We have found the ease of set up and safety aspects of the stands to be outstanding. Gorilla Tree Stands come complete with a fall arrest harness that works just fine and is well made. However; the Hunter Safety System safety harness is preferred by many for it's ease of use.

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