Truglo Archery Sights Review

I just purchased my second Truglo Archery Sight. This is to be the second time I was disappointed… Let me tell you why I will not buy any more of their product.

First off let me say the product looks good in the stores. Out of the package the sights look fine and have everything the packaging says they will.

Maybe I just got a couple of bad sights… is it me or have any of you had problems with your Truglo Archery sights as well? Let me know your thoughts.

The two sights in question are: The TRU•SITE™ EXTREME SERIES – STANDARD 5-PIN (which I purchased and have used for about six years now and more recently I purchased the RANGE•ROVER™ 1-PIN which, by the way was highly recommended by a well known pro hunter.

The problem I have had with both of these sights is the mounting surface (the main body that mounts to the bow) is not square with the bubble.

I am a machinist, and nothing bugs me more that when things are not manufactured square… when they should be. Or possibly the problem is in assembly at the plant IE: the gluing in place of the bubble.

Tru Glow Sight Repair

The photo shows the brass shim I inserted in order to get the sight pin in alignment with the bow string.

I don’t know exactly where the problem lies but I can explain to you what I did to correct the problem. Follows is my findings after purchasing two Truglo Sights with several years in between. My findings are what compelled me to write this Truglo Archery Sights Review.

First Sight

The first sight TRU•SITE™ EXTREME SERIES – STANDARD 5-PIN (click for pictures) I purchased as I mentioned about six years ago. At that time I was a relatively new archer so I had my local archery shop Big Game Archery mount it for me. At that time, Wayne (the owner) told me the sight needed to be shimmed so it could be mounted square.

The Tru Glo Range Rover sight with the shim installed. Now the sight pin is in alignment with the string. Once I receive the new bubble level, I will install it so the sight and bowstring are square.

Hmmmm! Shimming a new sight! I was suspect!

Once home I carefully recorded all the measurements so I could get the Truglo Archery bow sight back to its original position, I dismounted it to inspect where the problem was.

I wish I could wind the clock back and show you with pictures… but I did this long before the days of this website and a review. I apologize!

What I did was take a precision level and placed it against the mounting surface. Once that was done I secured the level and the sight to my workbench and made sure the precision level was in fact level. To my surprise I found the bubble of the bow sight was not between the lines as it should have been.

Now What? I had mail ordered the Truglow archery bow sight, I could send it back… pay the shipping… wait for a new one to arrive. What a pain!

I decided I would try to align the sight myself. I used a heat gun to warm the glue holding the bubble and carefully pried the bubble off the sight. Once that was complete and ensuring the mounting surface was clean and the sight was still level, I mixed up some two part epoxy and glued the bubble back in place.

Job done! I remounted the sight and use it to this day. Other than I had to replace one of the fiber optic strands this sight has served me well.

Second Sight

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a Cabelas store in person… Wow… quite the store. I must say I am jealous of you who can go anytime you like. Anyway, while there I purchased my second Truglo Archery sight, the RANGE•ROVER™ 1-PIN to fit my new PSE Axe.

I looked the sight over while in the store. Looks good, simple design, light weight and not overly expensive. I took one home!

How could Truglo make a sight out of square, again? I cannot answer that question, but I can tell you this is exactly what has happened.

While mounting this sight I could immediately see some problems. The cylinder which mounts to the sight ring has two flimsy mounting points. I say flimsy, maybe not the right word, but to me it looks like a poor mounting system.

I think to myself "I had better check the square of this sight too"! You know it… out of square to the bubble! I am thinking I will probably not buy a Truglo sight again.

I tried to do the same as with the first sight, but this time I broke the bubble.

Any way let's get back to mounting, I can live without the bubble for a few days, but alas my troubles were not over!

When I looked through my peep sight I could see the single sight pin was not in alignment with my bowstring.

New problem! Fortunately, I was able through trial and error able to shim the sight ring back to get the sight pin in alignment with the bow string.

I emailed Truglo Archery and they say they will send me a new bubble… that’s nice! So they should! In my email I told of my problem and what I though was their machining problem… this part of the message was totally ignored... (I though the representative may have at least addressed the comments.) Oh well, that is their choice.

Even though once fixed up they will perform very well, I am likely not buying any more products from Truglo. That is my choice.

What is yours?

This sight was personally recommended to me on Facebook by a television hunting celebrity couple who said they loved their Truglo Archery Sight! "I guess they must get paid to say that!"

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