Venison Recipes
Not just for Deer!

Why, when I think of cooking deer, do venison recipes come to mind?
As far back as I can remember I knew that the moose is the largest member of the deer family!

Why do we not group the two together? "I just do not think that most people associate Moose meat with Deer meat!" says Cook of the House from

Is it possible that the majority of people that deer hunt do not live in areas where they have access to Moose, or vice versa?

Where you live and hunt moose, are there deer populations that are easily accessible for harvest?

The areas where I hunt moose, do not support large deer populations.
For instance; this year we went moose hunting for twelve days, during this time saw only one deer. We had only fleeting glimpse therefore I cannot say for sure what species it was but I suspect it was a mule deer because of the elevation we hunted.

I scored on a young whitetail buck.

It was only after returning home from moose hunting that we ventured out for whitetail deer in a different part of the province. Here we were successful in harvesting a nice deer and have turned the entire animal into Kielbasa (garlic sausage) using a venison recipe.
I would love to share this recipe with you, only I cannot. Unfortunately the recipe belongs to a commercial enterprise and it is therefore secret.

I think any recipes for venison can easily be used for moose as well, just substitute moose every time venison is called for. When cooking moose we use any red meat recipe and use moose, as a matter of fact we seldom if ever by beef... why should we? When our freezer is full of naturally organic healthy meat! Be adventurous, use those venison recipes for cooking moose too!

Moose and deer are often hunted as game species in the countries where they are found. Both types of meat are similar in texture to beef, but this is where the similarities stop. Venison (moose and deer) is going to be tender, with perhaps, more flavor. The protein levels are near those of most red meats, but has a much lower fat content and the fat that is found is mainly polyunsaturated (good fat) rather that saturated.

I read somewhere that the gamey flavor associated with game meat can be more pronounced if the meat is overcooked. We always cook our meat rare to medium rare so I cannot attest to the validity of this statement. What do you say?

I have some recommendations on how to prepare moose meat that still apply to venison. In my opinion these suggestions should be strictly adhered to when preparing deer or moose meat (venison).

Tell us what your experiences are and please share your recipes by clicking here. We have a large number of followers that are in need of your advice when it comes to cooking with moose or venison recipes. Any tips will be greatly appreciated by all.

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