Wasp Archery Boss Broadhead Review and Tuning Tips

We were contacted by a representative of Wasp Archery and asked if we'd like to try the Boss Broadhead out and write a review. First though we have to be sure that our arrows will fly straight... right out of the box!

How Well Will the Broadhead Fly?

Not one to turn down the chance at trying out new toys or new tools we accepted the offer and will certainly give them the once over.

A few things things that always concern me when looking at any kind of broadhead, fixed or mechanical are; How well do they fly, are they sharp enough and how well will they stand up to bone?

Wasp Archery Broadhead

I shoot field tips all year, many thousands of arrows at my bag target over a 12 month period. I don't want to have to re-sight my bow because I change to a Wasp Archery broadhead. There are lots of companies out there that make broadheads, but not all of of them are interchangeable with field points.

Not without tuning anyway.

Of course in order for your field points and broadheads to be 100% interchangeable and true flying your arrows must be tuned first. When tuning your bow and sighting it in using field points you may not notice that there is wobble to start with (when the arrow is spun in your fingers). Adding a broadhead to your arrow (they are longer than field points) will accentuate the out of alignment if there is any.

This doesn't mean any fancy stuff but in order for a broadhead to fly straight it must not wobble at the tip when the arrow spins. It's that simple.
A wobbling field point may not be noticeable.

How can you tell if your broadhead will wobble?

After assembling your new (or old) broadheads to your arrows, roll your arrow on a flat surface and watch if the tip (the very point) moves up and down. There shouldn't be any visible wobble. You can also buy arrow measuring tools with dial indicators to measure them, if you want to go to that expense.

What can you do if your arrow broadhead does wobble?

In order to be sure your broadhead and field points don't wobble and throw your arrow out of alignment the process is quite simple and starts with placing the arrow insert.

If your arrow insert centerline is not parallel to the axis of rotation wobble WILL occur. It's an easy fix that you can pay your local archery shop to do or do yourself if you have an arrow squaring tool.

Don't overlook this step... the end of your arrow must be perfectly square!

Remove the insert (use a heat gun to heat the arrow end), next square the arrow using an squaring tool. Now reapply glue and replace the arrow insert making sure the rim of the insert seats squarely on the end of your arrow.

All broadhead manufacturers, with Wasp Archery being no exception, should be making the arrowheads with machined and square faces that once inserted and screwed tight against the arrow insert will spin true and without wobble.

The Boss Broadhead if manufactured correctly will fly straight interchangeably with a field point if your arrow inserts are assembled correctly.
I'll also state that I am assuming some basics when it comes to shooting arrows, tuning arrows and sighting in your bow.

  • Arrows must all be the same spine, weight and length (best if all from the same manufacturer).
  • Arrow inserts must be square.
  • Broadheads must be the same weight as field points IE: 100gr field points MUST be replaced with 100gr broad heads.
  • Fletching must be the same on all arrows.
  • Nocks must be the same on all arrows.

If you miss any of these steps those new Wasp broadheads will not fly the same as your field points. Then don't blame the broadhead manufacturer.

Our Wasp Archery Boss Broadhead Results

  • Upon screwing in our new Boss broadheads we did the 'spin test' and found next to no wobble at all.
    Score 1
  • The target trial revealed the same impact as our field points right out to 60 yards. We're impressed!
    Score 2
  • Sharpness... Whoa, these broadheads are very sharp. Easily as sharp as any boxcutter!
    Score 3 for Wasp!
  • Bone penetration? Well unfortunately we didn't get to try these broadheads out this year. Next season though they're first up.
    Watch this video to see how the Boss stands up to a grueling round of tests. After watching this we have no doubt the Wasp Archery Boss Broadhead will do the job that we need.

Want to know more about Wasp Archery and their products? Visit the Wasp Archery website.

Our plan is to take the Wasp Archery Boss Broadhead on a moose hunt. We're going after North America's largest land animal and going to put one on the ground with this broadhead. Once we do we'll be reporting on how well it measured up compared to other broadheads we have used in the past.

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