Wolf Encounter 2010

by Randy

Wolf Encounter

During our Northern B.C. moose hunt in October 2010, I was working my way into one of the huge natural meadows caused by the annual river flooding and receding in the area.

I heard an indistinct noise in the distant middle of the meadow, and at first thought it may have been a moose. I cow called and was responded to with a number of wolf howls.

I was by myself, but had a least a dozen rounds of 180 grain Barns TTSX handloaded cartridges with the 300 Win Mag, so after a minute of serious deliberation I thought I had enough firepower to continue the adventure. I began wolf howling and was answered back immediately by the wolves.

Black Wolf Encounter
Photo courtesy of Ray Wiens Taxidermy

Believe me, this wolf encounter is enough to raise hairs on the back of the most seasoned hunter's neck! As I saw movement some three hundred yards away in the deep straw grass of the meadow I kept some trees and bushes between myself and them as I stalked my way closer.

At about 250 yards I could see the lead wolf, a real big grey and silver beauty running back and forth from the field toward the bushes. He looked agitated as if he was trying to decide if I was another wolf or a human, and if he should fight or run.

When he stopped moving he crouched down in the deep grass and I could just see his ears and the top of his head. I steadied my gun on a bush and fired off a shot at him. He started leaping for the bushes 80 yards away, and I took 2 more shots at him before he disappeared in the bush. What a surprise to then see this black beauty just standing still staring in my direction.

One shot at her and she dropped into the deep straw grass. I thought I had visually marked her spot, but it took half an hour working back and forth with a grid search and almost giving up before I almost stepped on her, dead where she was hit.

Now she guards my office and keeps my moose mount company, as well provides great memories of a successful and very exciting adventure. Both mounts were expertly done by Ray Wiens Taxidermy of Aldergrove, B.C.

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Jan 11, 2012
Wolf Encounter 2010 reply
by: Steve Kane(buckee)

I was in a very similar situation hunting moose with my bow. I was working my way along a nice moosey looking swamp, when I caught a flash of black. I thought at first it was a bear by the size, but when a big black wolf stepped into a clearing only about 70 yards from me, I was surprised. I froze, and was only hoping he would come a bit closer so I could get a good close shot off, but he disappeared on his way past me. I tried to sneak in the direction he was going in hopes of getting a chance, but never saw him again. I continued moose hunting and it wasn't until I joined up with my buddy later, that I got the chills up my spine. He was across on the other side of the swamp further down from me, and said he saw the black and 2 other wolves heading in my direction. The black one stayed down low along the swamp while the other 2 went high up just into the bush-line and headed in the same direction.
It then dawned on me, that not only did I have that nice black one in front of me, but I also had 2 behind me, that I didn't even know were there, and there I was, between them ..LOL.
So, yeah, I know how it feels ..LOL
Great story..thanks, and good shooting too.

Jan 11, 2012
Who's Hunting Who?
by: Mark _ Site Owner

Sometimes you have to wonder "who is hunting who"? I am hearing from more and more hunters who are having wolf encounters such as yours.

I had similar circumstances myself this past season when I was able to record several wolf pack howling. Unfortunately I never did see them, but I was "serenaded" by wolf howls for well over twenty minutes before the wolf packs moved on.

I know from past experiences that moose tend to move away from areas that are being hunted by wolves. Yet I had a good feeling about this area; sometime you have to trust your gut!

The following evening and subsequent morning I had two close calls with bull moose not 100 meters from the spot where I encountered the wolf packs.

The wolves had moved on and the moose were staying in the area.

I did not connect with a moose right in that area; I did learn that just because wolves pass through a valley or area does not mean all the moose leave or are displaced from a specific habitat.

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