Writers Block – The Cure?

Do You Suffer From Writers Block? Every writer at some point suffers this affliction… It can be overcome.

I have been writing this website for almost two years now and having written well over 100 web pages… you know at some point I have suffered from writers block. You know the feeling, you have a subject and you are keen to write, you sit down with pen and paper or at your keyboard and then wri…

…NOTHING Absolutely nothing comes to your fingers, or through your mind. You have drawn a complete blank.

I feel for you because I have been there! Oh how we have great intentions, the prose we will write will flow so smooth, people everywhere will line up to read our material. How about those of you who need to write a dissertation? Have you ever felt this way?

The Cure?

You may have noticed my headline The Cure? I put a question mark there on purpose. No I do not have the cure. If you are looking for a CURE, click the back button right now. You are wasting your time reading this.

Oh I see we haven't lost everyone…

Writers block can be overcome. There are many volumes of books, leaflets, video and audio help… you can spend a fortune on this stuff. Will it help? Maybe… maybe not!

If you need to write something, say about… lets pick a topic: Female Calf Moose (I had to pick something related to the site didn't I?) Start with the keyword "calf moose", think about them, what do you know about this subject. How does the topic vary from the very specific topic of "female calf moose"?

Note: I didn't say write something… I said think about it!

Now… in your mind can you write a short sentence with the keyword in it? Something that will grab the reader's attention!

Are you going to write in general about "female calf moose"? Or are you thinking that a better topic might be one that may not have been written about before "diseases suffered by female calf moose". Now hold on a minute, I can hear some shouting… I am not suggesting that female moose carry any diseases specific to them… this is only hypothetical! :-)

Write down your Topic

Got it… good!

Now comes the hard part…


It does not matter what you write, write something. Of course it should be related to your topic, keep it simple and easy. You can go back and fix the grammar and spelling later.

Personally I have found that the more I write the easier it becomes. I know my writing has improved too because I have written. It is that simple the more you write the better you become and the easier it gets.

I still suffer occasionally from writers block, but not for long. Usually once I start typing the block goes away and I find the words flowing easier. I guess for me the hardest part is to stay on topic. I do find myself thinking about other topics as I write and let me tell you that it can mean a whole paragraph or more of off topic stuff.

Write It and they Will Come

Corny headline and overused too… I know! But I thought it was suitable. If you do not start writing will never happen. It is that simple.Corny headline and overused too… I know! But I thought it was suitable. If you do not start writing will never happen. It is that simple.

Start Now!

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