Crossbow Sling / XBow Buddy

Lack of a Crossbow Sling

In the past my partner has complained of how awkward or how his bow gets to feel like a ton of bricks in his hands when he is stalking with the bow at the ready. The over the shoulder sling does not offer this... he is forced to carry it in his hands if he wants to carry it at the ready.

Have you ever carried a bow, crossbow or rifle in your hands for any length of time?

It gets tiring, doesn't it?

I recently came across a crossbow sling that I thought was worth a look. The XBow Buddy... this system is a universal mounting crossbow sling that makes your crossbow accessible in the fully cocked position, quickly, easily and without obstruction.

Once installed on your favorite crossbow you will instantly see the advantages to having this sling. With the sling on the crossbow the hunter can easily carry his bow in a similar position as the safari sling mounts on a rifle... at the ready.

On the surface the XBow Buddy looks like it is well made. According to the box it comes in, it is 100 percent made in the USA. It comes complete with mounting hardware but lacks the swivel attachment for the crossbow. Similar to a rifle sling the swivel need to be purchased separately.

Crossbow Sling

The Crossbow sling offers the crossbow hunter the distinct advantage of keeping his crossbow at the ready. Similar in design to a Safari Sling, the crossbow sling will help prevent fatigue on those days you are on your feet a lot.

I was sent one of these slings and we got right to it and mounted it on my hunting partners Excalibur Crossbow. The video we produced clearly shows the installation process and just how easy it is. Although we have yet to take the sling out and hunt with it, we feel that from what we have seen this will be a great tool for the crossbow hunter.

Once we field test the bow sling we will update this page and bring you our full story and successful conclusion.

Crossbows are awkward weapons to start, as well they tend to be a little on the heavy side. How can a hunter carry one of the beasts around and avoid arm fatigue?

You guessed it... by using a sling! Rifle hunters... use a Safari Sling!

There are not too many ways you can mount a sling on a crossbow that will not interfere with the workings of the bow and the Xbow Buddy has taken this into account. The design allows the shooter to raise his cocked crossbow and the sling stays out of the way of the bow string by use of a stiffened rod.

If you are a serious crossbow hunter, I suggest you take a close look at this sling a see if it will solve your problem of being able to carry your bow at the ready.

The Xbow Buddy is made by the same company that makes the String Sling.

Update: Jerry, the company owner just sent me this note: "Since I sent you the cross bow sling, we received license to use Realtree AP for the flexible portion of the sling. This material is almost twice as thick as the Woodland camo I sent you, which will make the sling more comfortable." This will be good news for anyone buying a sling in the future. Anything we as hunter can do to lessen the load is a good thing.

If you hunt with a Safari Sling, you won't tire as quickly, therefore you will hunt better.

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