Purchased or Homemade Hunting Blinds;
Both Can Do the Job


Whatever style of hunting blinds you choose, concealment is the ultimate goal.

Whether you hunt big game in North America or Africa or you hunt migratory game birds in Canada or Argentina, in most situations hunters choose some style of hunting blind for cover.

Tree stands, ladder stands, pop-up blinds, permanent, temporary, tripod, coffin, corn stalks, tree branches, natural, camouflaged, platform, cabin, mud, dugout, seasonal, plastic, fiberglass, painted, tower stands, grass, palm fronds and the list can go on.

Some of these can be purchased, some can be homemade.

Still others you could buy plans for and build yourself, or have someone build one or more for you.

I have a friend who uses 4 inch mesh galvanized wire for the frame of his grass blinds.

natural ground hunting blind

This is a good example of using natural cover for a blind.

Go on a guided hunt and likely your guide or outfitter will have a blind or several hunting blinds to choose from. Possibly several different styles, one to suit the type of game hunted or to suit the terrain.

For moose hunting my partners and I do not use any type of hunting blind. We use the natural surroundings to conceal us and our movements. We do own two tree stands and have for many years taken them with us moose hunting, but we never use them. I guess it is a feeling of being too constricted to one spot to use one. We like the ability to move about in the areas we hunt.

Every year we say, "Next year we should set up a tree stand at such and such place." Yup... and every year, it does not happen! Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

This year where we hunted moose during an archery only season, I met some real nice folks who had taken two moose. They talked how next year they were going to bring their tree-stands and use them. That got us to talking......?

For deer hunting, white-tailed deer specifically we use natural blinds. Again our preference is to use the natural surroundings as much as possible. We do not hunt private land with high fences and game with enhanced growth, all our hunting is done on crown land where it is up to us to go out and find the game we want. As I mentioned before we do own tree-stands but we have not used them for deer either. I am however going to use one when I go one my whitetail hunt next year... seriously I will! This year I discovered an ideal place to set one up, we will just have to wait and see.

For anyone who is interested the tree-stand I have is a Gorilla King Kong tree stand.

Also, the fact that we hunt remote areas limits us to the type of blind we may or may not choose to use.

Accessibility is another overriding factor when trying to decide on a hunting blind.

Can you leave your blind in place for season after season? Or do you need portability to move at a moment’s notice.

Are the use of ATV’s permitted?

Our favourite moose hunting area prohibits the use of off highway vehicles during the hunting season. We have to consider this when we go after our moose.

Without the use of an ATV we must walk or drive to, or as close to our hunting area as possible. We always have a game cart with us for the areas we cannot drive or get a long rope to.

I could recommend to you one particular hunting blind is better than another, but what if I recommend a blind that is not suited for the game or the terrain you are hunting. No, I will not push any particular blind on you.

Instead I suggest you do your homework, find out what others that hunt the same game use. Use the internet and search blinds, just like you did to find this site. Check with your local Hunting and Fishing Club and ask the membership for advice.

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