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How to Hunt Moose

Learning as much as you can about moose, their habits and their habitat will go a long way to increasing your moose hunting success stories.

What is a core area?
Preseason scouting for moose
Hunt during the rut
Where to hunt during the early season
How to hunt moose in the late season
Tips for hunting moose in November
Identify and learn to hunt the prime moose habitat
Use a moose call, it really works!
Moose Calling - How do do it
What type of moose call should you use?
Use an old shoulder blade to imitate another bull
Decoying Moose

Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting Tips Book
Moose Hunting Tips
Moose Hunting Rifle
Moose Hunting Supplies
Moose Skinning
Bow Hunting Moose
Bow Hunting Stories
Moose Hunting in Canada
Moose Hunting Stories
Moose Hunt 2011

Before and After the Shot

How you deal with the excitement of have the moose you have been searching for is paramount. Its very important you know where to aim and how to deal with wounded animals as well as what to do with your moose after its down.

Best shot placement for moose
Tracking a wounded moose
Now that your moose is down - field dressing

Cook and Eat

Are you wonder if moose meat is good to eat? Are you looking for some great recipes using moose meat?

Moose Recipes
Moose Meat
Venison Recipes
More wild game recipes
Bone Sour

Moose Hunting Safety

  • Drink clean water, stay hydrated... be sure the water you drink is free of beaver fever.
  • Of course moose hunters always need to keep bear safety in mind while traveling in the woods.
  • Tell someone where you are hunting. Leave a map and time of expected return.
  • Getting close to moose is exhilarating, watch for warning signs of angry moose. Ears flattened, hair along the neck and back raised and eyes rolled back are signs you have agitated the animal.

Ever seen a black bear with four cubs?

Don't Know?

Ask An Expert

Other Hunting Information

Information on Guided Hunts


More moose hunting tips

Hunting Specialties

There is an overwhelming amount of hunting gear on the market today. We have used lots and discarded some. 

Best Types of hunting clothes to use
Spypoint Trail Cameras
Runlock Rope
Runlock Hunting Set
Badlands Backpacks

Moose Calls

Birch Bark Moose Calls
Reed Calls

About Moose

Habitat Destruction
Moose Tracks
World Record Moose

Moose Pictures

Bull Moose
Cow Moose
Calf Moose

Wolf Related Pages

Wolves as Predators
Wolf Hunting in Canada

Various Pages

Hunting Fitness
Hiking Fitness

Further resources
My Tribute to a Moose Hunter
Writers Block | Symptom or Result

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